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Chemtura to Present Range of Isocyanate and Urethane-based Products at UTECH Europe 2012

Published on 2012-02-29. Author : SpecialChem

PHILADELPHIA -- Chemtura Corporation (NYSE: CHMT), one of the world leaders in hot-cast urethane pre-polymers, urethane surface coatings, polyurethane dispersions, flame retardants and polymer antioxidant and UV stabilizers, is highlighting its latest innovations and additions to its portfolio on April 17 to April 19, in Maastricht, the Netherlands at UTECH Europe, Stand 1330.

Efforts focused on looking into safer alternatives to traditional amine curatives such as MOCA has led to the continued promotion of Chemtura's Adiprene® Duracast® Low Free MDI pre-polymers, first highlighted at UTECH Europe 2009, but now cured with either Vibracure® A260 or Vibracure® A26X proprietary curatives. At UTECH Europe 2012, Chemtura will highlight the benefits offered by these systems over TDI/MOCA systems, including the use of less hazardous curatives, reduced free isocyanate levels and longer pot life.

Chemtura continues to expand the Vibrathane® / Vibracure® Quasi MDI range of systems to have less environmental impact by replacing the mercury catalysts used in traditional Quasi MDI systems. In addition to the three component mercury free Quasi MDI Ester system, Vibrathane® 8000 / Vibracure® 7559 / BDO, that covers a hardness range from 50 Shore A to 95 Shore A, Chemtura now offers a four-component mercury free Quasi MDI Ester system, Vibrathane® 8000 / Vibracure® 7561 / BDO / Vibracat MF and a four-component mercury free Quasi Ether system, Vibrathane® B860 / Vibracure® A863 / BDO / Vibracat MF both of which cover the hardness range 55 Shore A to 95 Shore A. The use of an external mercury free catalyst allows for better pot life control and optimized reactivity. These new systems have been successfully commercialized at a number of customers in Europe over the last couple of years.

Baxenden Chemicals Limited, a Chemtura company and part of the Chemtura Urethanes business since 2008, will be presenting a range of isocyanate and urethane-based products for foam manufacture and the surface coating industries.

Flexocel® is a range of polyether/MDI-based foam systems, used to manufacture flexible and semi-flexible molded parts. They are all based on blowing agent technologies that are non-flammable and zero ozone depleting. Applications for Flexocel® products include integral skin molding (including fire-retardant grades), production of energy and impact absorbers, automotive seating, sound insulation and water-blown microcellular foam. The Isofoam® products are based on similar technology but intended for rigid molded and sprayed foam systems. They are used for insulated and non-insulated composite panels and a variety of structural automotive products, ranging from door trims to high density underbody moldings. Other major applications are for thermal insulation for domestic use (e.g. hot water cylinders), road tankers, industrial chillers and pipelines for the oil and gas industry.

Offerings for the coating industry focus on the Trixene® range of blocked isocyanates. It features solvent-based and new aqueous blocked crosslinkers for applications such as OEM-type, heat cure coatings and adhesion treatments for industrial processes e.g. fibre reinforcement. Another emphasis is on conventional PU systems with very low MDI and TDI contents that meet new regulatory requirements. Low monomer products are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from adhesives to 2-K membrane coatings. Materials offered for general coatings include a wide range of aromatic and aliphatic pre-polymers, moisture scavengers and oxazolidine developments.

Latest developments in the Witcobond® range of polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are also highlighted. These materials are used globally in a multitude of aqueous coatings and finishes for hard and soft substrates. The extensive range covers high-solids products, dispersions with low or no cosolvent (including NMP-free), and grades without APEO/NPEO or other surfactants. Witcobond® chemistries embrace anionic, nonionic and new cationic systems providing for wide pH tolerance. They include fully-reacted polymers for 1-K formulations, hydroxyl-functional urethanes for 2-K coatings, and latent-curing mechanisms.

Great Lakes Solutions, a Chemtura business, will highlight its new Emerald™ series of flame retardant solutions for polyurethane applications with particular focus on Emerald™ NH-1, a non-halogen flame retardant for automotive and flexible polyurethane furniture foam applications. This product was developed as part of Great Lakes Solutions "Greener is Better" innovation strategy and achieves the goal of providing sustainable, effective fire safety solutions in flexible polyurethane foams. A technical paper entitled "Emerald™ NH-1: A Non-Halogen Flame Retardant for Flexible Polyurethane Foams" will be presented by Dr. Patrick Jacobs at the adjoining UTECH Europe conference on April 18. The presentation will highlight the full benefits of Emerald™ NH-1 versus the more traditional chlorinated phosphate ester flame retardants.

Chemtura's Antioxidant and UV Stabilizer Solutions business will be promoting two new stabilizer packages suitable for polyurethane applications: Naugard® PS3015 stabilizer and Lowilite® UV B1260 light stabilizer. Naugard® PS 3015 stabilizer is an easy to use, liquid additive package providing very good scorch and gas fading resistance in flexible foam applications. The innovative, Naugard® PS 3015 stabilizer package is less volatile than conventional stabilizers, which is very important in demanding applications where low VOC and FOG emissions are required. Whilst the new, liquid Lowilite® UV B1260 light stabilizer confers outstanding stability to flexible foams that have been exposed to light and heat, while also outperforming conventional light stabilizer packages in fogging tests. To further support this promotion, a technical paper entitled "Latest Innovations in Post-Treatment Foam Stabilizers with Improved Environmental Characteristics" will be presented on Tuesday, April 17 by Dr Andrea Landuzzi at the parallel UTECH Europe conference.

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Chemtura Corporation, with 2011 sales of $3 billion, is a global manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals, agrochemicals and pool, spa and home care products.

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