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China Revised Food Contact Law GB9685 Sets Migration Limits for Nonylphenol by October 2017

Published on 2017-04-26. Author : SpecialChem

China's National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) has published 53 mandatory national standards applicable to food-contact materials marketed in the People's Republic of China, replacing all previous regulations and standards. The new standards are aligned with the international standards and more practical in implementation.


Revised Food Contact Law GB9685-2016

In the revised food contact legislation - GB9685-2016 Standard for the use of additives for food contact materials and articles - a specific migration limit for nonylphenol has been introduced of 10ppb (0.010mg/kg) for all food contact materials including plastics, rubber, and adhesives. The implications of this law are significant, as any polymer material using TNPP as a stabilizer, independent of its relative level of purity, will likely have nonylphenol above this migration limit.

The revised standard will come into force by October 19th, 2017. All food contact materials will be required to comply with the conditions contained within the revised legislation. Specifically, as of October 19th, 2017 it will be illegal to import, sell or produce in China any:

  • Resin for food contact use containing a migrating amount of nonylphenol >10ppb 
  • Food packaging material containing a migrating amount of nonylphenol >10ppb 
  • Packaged food with packaging material containing a migrating amount of nonylphenol >10ppb

Written by SpecialChem Editorial Team
As per information mentioned on www.cirs-reach.com & www.khlaw.com

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Source: SpecialChem
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