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Chemical Innovation Conf. 2018: A Must-attend Event for Chemical Industry Professionals

Published on 2018-08-10. Author : SpecialChem

A changing approach to innovation is emerging across the chemical industry. Rather than guarding innovations behind locked doors, organizations are increasingly understanding and embracing the value behind more open approaches for driving innovation.

Alongside this emerging – and increasingly “open”- mindset towards innovation approaches, comes a need to assess how innovation is spearheaded and implemented across the organization. This entails reviewing, and potentially transforming, innovation frameworks, processes, and expectations to ensure excellent commercial outcomes.

CIEX (Chemical Innovation Exchange) Conf. 2018

Maximize Collaboration at CIEX 2018

How to implement open Innovations and maximize collaborations underpins the conversations, presentations, and panel discussions to take place at this year’s CIEX (Chemical Innovation Exchange) conference, taking place in Frankfurt from the 19-20 September 2018.

The conference will tackle some of the industries toughest questions when it comes to innovating in an open community, such as:
  • How must we interact to maximize innovation potential? 
  • How do we open our doors while simultaneously protecting our core intelligence?
  • How do we renovate the locus of innovation from internal to external?

In addition to examining open innovation, CIEX will also explore a selection of cutting edge innovation topics and case-studies tailored for anyone strategizing, driving, or implementing innovation within the chemical value chain, from the chemical producers to the chemical end-users.

These hot topics include:
  • How to maximize latest technologies, 
  • How to unleash creativity and new ideas from across the organization, 
  • How to build a widespread innovation culture, 
  • How to capitalize on the circular economy, and 
  • How to unlock opportunities from the bio-economy.

Hear from Industry Leaders

Leading these discussions will be senior leaders and executives from global chemical producers ( BASF, DowDuPont, Braskem, Air Liquide, The Dow Chemical Company, Evonik, Covestro, SABIC), bio-experts (Avantium, Novomer), chemical end-users (BMW, DSM, Unilever, LEGO, IKEA, Merck Group), expert bodies (European Commission, CEFIC, European Chemicals Agency, Goethe University), and a collection of diverse and significant chemical start-ups (DexLeChem, NanoJoin, Oxford BioTrans, Chemycal etc).

CIEX 2018 is a unique platform to learn, network, and exchange ideas with the chemical value chain. It is an opportunity to develop your innovation network, begin productive collaborations, and accelerate creative innovation for your organization. Don’t miss out, join the innovation community at CIEX.

For more details and to buy your tickets, visit the CIEX website: https://ciex-eu.org/. Use our special promo code SC15 to save 15% on the conference tickets!

Source: CIEX 2018
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