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CODACO announces co-marketing agreement with H.B. Fuller

Published on 2002-12-23. Author : SpecialChem


CODACO announced an agreement has been signed with H.B. Fuller Company to market and sell CODACO bonding solutions. CODACO and H.B. Fuller have been working closely together on several customer applications. While details of the agreement are not being made public, CODACO stated that the two organizations are engaged in cooperative marketing efforts in conjunction with supplying customers with total solutions using CODACOļ£©s new Radio Frequency (RF) bonding systems.

CODACO's agreement with H.B. Fuller gives CODACO's proprietary technology: Cure on Demand Adhesive Systems - broad and diverse industry exposure. The new bonding system consists of both equipment and nonmetallic materials that allow pre-application on virtually any non-metallic substrate for later activation by RF energy. Manufacturers are now able to pre-apply tack-free adhesives to parts, freely manipulate the parts into complex assemblies, and rapidly activate the adhesive to complete the bonding process.

This is the first RF industrial bonding system that physically separates the application of adhesives from the process of bonding the parts in complex assemblies or on high-speed polypropylene, polyethylene or paperboard webs. The company has customers and/or strategic relationships with a number of Fortune 100 companies.

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