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Collano adhesives insulate, absorb, are viscoelastic, and ultra-strong

Published on 2008-02-29. Author : SpecialChem

Whether for automotive interiors or the construction of special vehicles, ships and high-tech containers, Collano adhesives are particularly successful when specifications go beyond simple bonding functions. Collano adhesives take on special missions such as noise dampening, absorbing vibration and shocks, equalizing joint tolerances and stresses, and stabilizing structures, to name just a few. Such unique combinations help product designers to overcome limitations of materials. Adhesive bonds in which convenience is the key function are reality as well.

In industrial assembly processes, adhesives pave the way to flexible and innovative solutions, making sure that all components remains in their correct positions at the right times. Generally, convenience in adhesives applications quickly enhances the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing processes with reduced adhesive or material consumption, shorter process times, and less cleaning effort.

Collano's thermoplastic adhesive films are ideal for the fabrication of high-performance sandwich elements such as composites consisting of metal honeycomb cores covered with metal or fiberglassreinforced plastic facing. Adhesive films are user-friendly, easy to handle, and endowed with excellent technical properties. Depending on the application, the substrates can be precoated (for example core and/or cover skin), offering a great degree of flexibility and convenience in the assembly processes. Collano adhesive films are used with outstanding results in the automobile industry where they significantly simplify the installation of headliners thanks to precoating.

Multilayer films are a specialty segment within the Collano adhesive films range. On the one hand, they allow non-compatible substrates to be bonded. On the other hand, they impart additional functionality to composite or sandwich elements: barrier layers that repel undesirable substances, provide sound insulation, or stabilize process phrases. Sandwich panel manufacturers often deploy multilayer films to split prelamination and completion into two separate thermal cycles. In most cases, this is not associated with increased costs and improves the reliability of the bond.

Collano® RS: Reactive hybrid adhesives based on silanes and epoxy resins address sophisticated requirements in load-bearing vehicle and container fabrication processes where high-strength, viscoelastic, flame-retardant, impact- and vibration-resistant, noise-abating and weather-resistant materials are needed.

Source: Collano

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