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Compound’s Working Life Beats Conventional Potting Epoxies

Published on 2009-10-29. Author : SpecialChem

Hackensack, NJ -- Master Bond's newly developed EP29LP 1 epoxy is an attractive potting compound for use in large potting and encapsulating applications. Presenting a gamut of significant potting properties, good compound flow, easy set up and convenient handling, it exhibits a remarkably low exotherm, maximum pot life and desired electrical insulative qualities. The very long working life at ambient temperatures exceeds 6 hours and qualifies this compound for filament winding applications. Its excellent physical strength properties enhance component resistance to thermal shock and it has excellent resistance to chemicals such as fuels, acids, bases, water and salts.

Master Bond’s newly developed EP29LP 1epoxy

EP29LP-1 is a low viscosity, two part, optically clear epoxy designed to adhere to many substrates, including optical fibers and fibrous reinforcements such as glass, aramid, and graphite. The low viscosity speeds impregnation and facilitates air release. The availability of versatile cure schedules- ambient temperature or accelerated elevated temperature cures, further simplifies manufacturing applications.

The bond strength of EP29LP-1 is greater than 3,500 psi, assuring durable and long lasting performance. It has a peak exotherm as low as 50°C to help avoid excess heat buildup and damage to thermally sensitive components. Extended operating temperature ranges from 100°F to 250°F. About Master Bond's Potting Compounds: Master Bond is a forefront adhesives manufacturer offering an impressive line of potting and encapsulation materials designed to protect electronic circuitry and assemblies from potentially damaging conditions such as moisture, corrosive chemicals, excessive heat, vibration, mechanical impact and thermal shocks. Master Bond, as a polymer formulator, uses rigid and flexible epoxies, polyurethanes and silicone compounds. They feature outstanding electrical insulation characteristics including high volume resistivity, excellent dielectric strength and heat dissipation factors.

Source: Master Bond

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