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Covestro at Compamed 2017: to Present PUR-based Materials for Wound Care

Published on 2017-09-22. Author : SpecialChem

At Compamed 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Covestro will be presenting itself as a key supplier of raw materials and partner to the medical technology sector. One focus of booth H30 in Hall 8b will be on Baymedix® polyurethane raw materials for state-of-the-art wound care. These materials are breathable and enable optimal moisture management in wound dressings in addition to offering design options. Customers can create added value through innovation and differentiation, thus increasing their competitiveness.

Covestro at Compamed 2017
Covestro at Compamed 2017

Applications of PUR Raw Materials

These raw materials are used, for example, in absorbent foams manufactured from Baymedix® FP, adhesives with skin contact made of Baymedix® A and films based on the waterborne products Baymedix® FD and CD.

Directly coating the film with adhesive or foam decreases the number of laminating steps, and optimized drying times ensure efficiency in production.

The processes are also sustainable because waste is reduced and solvents are not used.

Polycarbonates for Various Requirements

The polycarbonate Makrolon® has long proven itself in the medical technology field. Its balanced properties – such as exceptional transparency and impact resistance – make it a safe and durable material for housing components.

Several variants of this material have also passed biocompatibility tests, as required for such applications, and thus meet the criteria of ISO 10993-1. Together with the polycarbonate Apec®, which is stable at high temperatures, Makrolon® medical technology products are suitable for various forms of sterilization.

Wearables with Intelligence and Comfort

Digitalization is now common in many areas of medical technology. For example, one important trend is the use of wearables – small electronic devices that are affixed to the skin like a patch, providing support for consumers participating in sports and leisure activities or treating medical conditions. In view of their enormous market potential, Compamed is presenting these devices separately at booth A23 in Hall 15.

There, Covestro will showcase integrated and sustainable materials solutions that increase the comfort of electronic patches and provide additional areas of application. In addition to standard functions, such as measuring heart rate, in the future they will also help with medical diagnoses and treatments and deliver medications in accurate dosages. This would require them to remain on the skin for extended periods and be comfortable to wear. With the help of an intelligent combination of materials, Covestro is able to produce wearables that cling gently to the skin, and are also breathable and hypoallergenic.

Versatile TPU Films

Platilon® TPU blown film is sought after in medical applications, due to its comfort, e.g. breathability, stretch, soft haptics, hypoallergenics, design (e.g. printable, colors) and customization to fit the converter’s production process, e.g. thickness range, tailored carriers and release force. Additional functionality includes low melting (95-105 deg C) or water vapor barrier.

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