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CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc. Introduces EPALLOY® 9000 THPE tris-Glycidyl Ether

Published on 2005-11-04. Author : SpecialChem

CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc. announces its product introduction of EPALLOY® 9000 tris-Hydroxyphenyl Ethane Glycidyl Ether (THPE-GE), a tri-functional epoxy reactive resin.

According to John Cech, General Manager for CVC, "EPALLOY® 9000, the epoxy resin of THPE will be introduced as, one of several new multifunctional epoxy resins to be manufactured by CVC." CVC had manufactured this product for DuPont Electronic Polymers for several years, Cech states, "and in a agreement reached with DuPont, CVC will now direct all sales and marketing of this product. Sales efforts will target epoxy resin formulators, specifically for high temperature adhesives, composites, and structural resin applications. EPALLOY® 9000 will be an important addition to our growing offering of high temperature performance epoxy resins for composites, electronics and adhesives applications."

CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc. is a major producer of specialty epoxy resins, including epoxy phenol novolacs, epoxy monomers and catalysts for epoxy systems. CVC produces over 60 materials used in the manufacture of coatings, adhesives, construction products, composites and engineered plastics.

Source: CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

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