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CVC Thermoset Appoints Kryll as its Distributor in Brazil for Specialty Epoxy Materials and RLPs

Published on 2012-05-09. Author : SpecialChem

Moorestown, NJ -- CVC Thermoset Specialties, an Emerald Performance Materials Company, has appointed Kryll Advanced Importação e Exportação de Aditivos Ltda. as its distributor in Brazil for its full product line of specialty epoxy materials and reactive liquid polymer (RLP) products. This is CVC's first distribution appointment in the South American market.

"With this distribution agreement, CVC will effectively be able to fill a void in the market and provide Brazilian manufacturers with the high-performance products they need to meet today's more demanding applications," stated Walt Bustynowicz, VP of Global Sales, CVC Thermoset Specialties. "As the market continues to evolve with increased needs for higher grade products, there is greater demand for niche products like ours that deliver advantages in such demanding, technical applications as high performance automotive and maintenance coatings, structural adhesives, specialty sealants, electrical and potting compounds, and composites. The challenge is that, with the demise of some local manufacturing operations, products such as hydroxyl-terminated polybutadienes (HTPBs) are no longer manufactured in Brazil. This makes our agreement with Kryll, a South American-based distributor, all the more valuable to our customers as Kryll will provide logistics services, local stock, service and support to the market."

CVC Thermoset Specialties manufactures specialty materials such as EPALLOY™ and HyPox™ specialty epoxies, ERISYS™ modifiers, Hypro™ reactive liquid polymers and OMICURE™ catalysts used by formulators for coatings, adhesives and composites, civil engineering and electronics applications.

"We specifically chose Kryll as our distribution partner because of the strong technical expertise of its staff and their intimate knowledge of the industries we serve," said Bustynowicz. "Given the complexity of the products we sell and the need to match the right chemistry with a given application, we need a distributor that has the experience and knowledge to help walk customers through the various options and effectively incorporate our products into their formulations."

The Hypro hydroxyl terminated HT series, CVC's most recent addition to the portfolio, can be used as polyols in polyurethane systems. The first product in the HT series, Hypro™ 2800X95, is well suited for the production of urethanes that are very soft and flexible, even at low temperatures, and exhibits excellent water/moisture resistance. These are desirable features in applications such as window sealants, electrical encapsulants, and urethane adhesives. The EPALLOY series of specialty epoxy resins includes bisphenol F and novalac modified resins, which provide superior solvent resistance. The company recently featured those products at the Abrafati in November 2011.

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