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Cyberbond Gets Certification for ISO 13485:2003 Standards

Published on 2010-11-11. Author : SpecialChem

BATAVIA, Ill -- Cyberbond, LLC has got the certification for ISO 13485:2003 standards. It is the first adhesive manufacturer in the world to receive this certification. Certification to this standard permits the makers of medical devices and their components to ensure the effectiveness of their manufacturing processes which in turn ensures the compliance with requirements of medical regulations worldwide.

Jim East, Cyberbond's President says that Cyberbond is among the leading domestic manufacturers of industrial adhesives and the company has been able to expand the focus and do business in many countries which has its own set of rules and regulations. He further adds that being certified to this standard will allow to serve the medical markets around the world.

About Cyberbond

Founded in 1997 in Batavia, IL, Cyberbond designs and manufactures a full line of the world's best industrial adhesives-including cyanoacrylates, UV-curables, anaerobics, epoxies and acrylics-and specializes in custom formulations and innovations. Cyberbond also produces the world's most advanced LED-based UV-curing device, the Linop U 400, which represents the next step in the evolution of cost-savings, ease of use and expandability for customers of UV-curable adhesives.

Written By : Specialchem Editorial Team
Based on information displayed on http://www.businesswire.com

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