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CYTEC's CONAP® Epoxy Potting AND casting Systems Approved to Rigorous UL 95 V-A And UL 94 V-O STANDARDS

Published on 2008-08-21. Author : SpecialChem

West Paterson, NJ -- Cytec Industries Inc. introduces the CONAP CONAPOXY series that passes the rigorous UL 94 5VA and UL 94 V-O requirements to provide a level of insulation and protection not commonly found in similar potting and casting systems. CONAPOXY FR-1047/EA-87, FR-1047/DPEA-25652, and DPFR-29589/DPEA-25652 exhibit superior flame retardant characteristics and overall performance, which make these systems well suited for use in potting pumps, coils, stators, transformers, capacitors, and other electrical and electronic devices.

CONAPOXY FR-1047/EA-87, FR-1047/DPEA-25652, and DPFR-29589/DPEA-25652 have excellent resistance to thermal shock, low exothermic temperatures, and outstanding arc resistance. In addition to having strong flame retardant characteristics, the systems are non-abrasive and provide low room temperature processing viscosity.

CONAPOXY FR-1047/EA-87 has a four-hour gel time and a mixed viscosity of 6,800 cps at 25° C. CONAPOXY FR-1047/DPEA-25652 has a 90-minute gel time and a mixed viscosity of 4,000 cps at 25° C, and FR-1047/DPFR-29589 has a 70-minute gel time and a mixed viscosity of 6,800 cps at 25° C. All three products are filled with a non-abrasive filler to reduce wear on machine metering/dispensing.

The CONAPOXY series is part of Cytec's next-generation electronic and electrical potting product line. Cytec has combined its 50 years' experience of developing high-performance polyurethanes and epoxies with its extensive library of formulations to develop a series of products designed to meet the demanding high performance requirements of the electrical and electronic industries.

Corporate Profile

Cytec Industries Inc. is a global specialty chemicals and materials company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-added products. Our products serve a diverse range of end markets including aerospace, adhesives, automotive and industrial coatings, chemical intermediates, inks, mining and plastics. We use our technology and application development expertise to create chemical and material solutions that are formulated to perform specific and important functions in the finished products of our customers.

Source: Cytec Industries Inc.

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