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Degussa unit increases capacity to meet market demands

Published on 2003-06-05. Author : SpecialChem


The business unit Coatings & Colorants of Degussa AG recently announced it is undertaking a two-step strategy to boost its production of Vestoplast in order to meet current and emerging market demands.

The Vestoplast product group is a series of amorphous polyalphaolefins used as adhesive raw materials for a wide range of hot-melt applications. Primary uses include hygienic applications (such as the bonding of babies’ diapers), paper and packaging applications, and wood-working applications.

The first step in Degussa’s strategy is to implement improved technology to increase not only production, but also to broaden the product range to meet existing market demands. Already underway, this increase in capacity is expected to total approximately 5,000 tons and will be realized this year.

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