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DELO Industrial Adhesive’s Curing LED Lamps with High Intensity & Improved Efficiency

Published on 2018-03-15. Author : SpecialChem

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DELO Industrial Adhesive’s Curing LED Lamps
DELO Industrial Adhesive’s Curing LED Lamps
DELO Industrial Adhesives has introduced 2 curing lamps. A new generation of area lamps with a wavelength of 365 nm have a more compact shape and improved energy efficiency. As compared to their previous models, the enhanced DELOLUX 20 / 365 and DELOLUX 202 / 365 LED lamps deliver much higher intensity.

Intensity Reach up to 600 mW/cm2

Both lamps are available with an intensity of 1200 mW/cm² and an intensity of 600 mW/cm² as well. The use of very high intensities (1200 mW/cm²) is particularly well suited when a layer of adhesive needs to be cured quickly between two components that are difficult to irradiate, or where the joined materials are located slightly further away from the light source for design reasons.

The adhesive can be cured within seconds while retaining a dry surface with the high intensity levels and geometries of the lamp that were difficult to access can now be irradiated.

Further Development of UV Lamp

Besides the improvement of the intensity levels, the design of the UV lamps was also developed further:

  • The design is now alike to the 400 nm curing lamps that were unveiled last year and have proven themselves in the industry.

  • The new lamp heads have a light exit area of 100 x 100 mm² and 202 x 49 mm² respectively.

  • They can be integrated in production lines using plug & play, and be arrayed in seamless rows, either longitudinally or transversely.

  • Even on large bonding areas, or down long irradiation lines, this assures homogeneous and reliable curing without any shading between individual lamp heads.

The active, air-cooled curing lamps can be operated with DELOLUX pilot, a base unit with touchscreen that is intuitive to operate and that combines the control and power supply of up to four lamp heads.

Source: DELO Industrial Adhesives
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