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Devcon Methacrylate Adhesives Receive Greenguard® Certification

Published on 2009-10-07. Author : SpecialChem

Devcon methacrylate adhesives have been certified by the GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute under the institute's stringent air-quality standards. The adhesives were certified under the GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM program as low-emissions building materials suitable for indoor use, including use for educational, healthcare, residential, and commercial environments where children or sensitive adults spend extended periods of time.


The certified adhesives - Plastic Welder™, Plastic Welder II™, Metal Welder™, Metal Welder II™, Composite Welder FS™, Clear Welder™, Flex Welder™, and Flex Welder FC™ - offer high-performance bonding for a variety of applications.

These tough, structural adhesives require minimal surface preparation and cure rapidly at room temperature to load-bearing bonds that withstand weathering, humidity, and wide variations in temperature. All offer exceptional flexibility, high tensile and shear strengths, and excellent resistance to peel and impact. Applied with pneumatic or manual applicator guns, Devcon methacrylates are mixed as they are dispensed. Thixotropic nonsagging gels or pastes, they will not run or drip when used on vertical or overhead applications.

A pioneer in adhesive technology, ITW Devcon offers technically advanced adhesives, including high-strength epoxies, versatile methacrylates, fast-curing cyanoacrylates, and UV light-cured adhesives in a wide range of viscosities, working times, and cure times for virtually any application. Through its network of application specialists and distributors, the company evaluates the customer's performance requirements and process considerations, recommends the best adhesive, and even supervises the testing of bonded assemblies. For highly specialized requirements, ITW Devcon engineers will work with OEMs to formulate custom adhesives. Other ITW Devcon products include anaerobics, thread sealants, gasket makers, and epoxy coatings that protect against wear and abrasion, corrosion, and chemical attack.

Source: Devcon

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