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DKSH Performance Materials Expands its Geographic Footprint to Cambodia

Published on 2017-04-13. Author : SpecialChem

Zurich, Switzerland -- DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading specialty chemicals distributor and provider of Market Expansion Services for performance materials, has expanded its geographic footprint to Cambodia, bringing its global country presence count to 31 countries.


Clients to Benefit from Expansion

DKSH has an established customer base for performance materials in Cambodia, which was formerly managed from DKSH Vietnam. DKSH offers a portfolio of chemicals and ingredients for the specialty chemicals, food and beverage and personal care industries. DKSH customers in Cambodia can now benefit from a dedicated on-the-ground support team to provide sales and marketing, distribution and logistics and after-sales services. DKSH clients benefit from the expansion with a growing customer base who will now gain access to product portfolios for which DKSH provides business development while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

DKSH Cambodia was established in 1952 when DKSH began business activities in Phnom Penh. DKSH re-entered Cambodia 43 years later in 1995 after the government’s “open door” policy was implemented following the 1993 general elections. Today, the company is one of Cambodia’s leading business organizations, employing more than 1,400 specialized staff. DKSH covers the country with its unique capillary distribution network, reaching the most remote parts of the country. DKSH’s Business Units Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Technology are already present in Cambodia and Business Unit Performance Materials will be housed inside DKSH’s existing premises in Phnom Penh.

One-to-One Support to Customers

Mathias Greger, Vice President, Performance Materials, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos, DKSH, commented: “We are very pleased to expand our presence to Cambodia and offer a wide range of exciting, innovative product portfolios to our established customer base. This strategic move will allow us to provide one-to-one support to our customers and create exciting business opportunities for our clients.”

About DKSH

DKSH is one of the leading Market Expansion Services providers with a focus on Asia. As the term "Market Expansion Services" suggests, DKSH helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets. Publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 2012, DKSH is a global company headquartered in Zurich. With 780 business locations in 36 countries – 750 of them in Asia – and 30,320 specialized staff, DKSH generated net sales of CHF 10.5 billion in 2016. DKSH was founded in 1865. With strong Swiss heritage, the company has a long tradition of doing business in and with Asia and is deeply rooted in communities and businesses across Asia Pacific. DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials is a leading specialty chemicals distributor and provider of Market Expansion Services for performance materials, covering Europe, North America and the whole of Asia. The Business Unit sources, develops, markets and distributes a wide range of specialty chemicals and ingredients for pharmaceutical, personal care, food & beverage as well as various industrial applications. In addition, it creates innovative and cutting-edge concepts and applications in 26 innovation centers located worldwide. With 80 business locations in 31 countries and around 990 specialized staff, Business Unit Performance Materials generated net sales of CHF 870.6 million in 2016.

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Source: DKSH
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