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Dow completes expansion of METHOCEL Cellulose Ethers plant at Stade, Germany

Published on 2003-02-03. Author : SpecialChem


Only 30 months after its first announcement, The Dow Chemical Company has completed the expansion of its plant at Stade, Germany, that produces METHOCEL cellulose ethers. Commercial production at the site started on November 1, 2002, exceeding even the ambitious expectations of the project team.

Plant leader Wolfang Moeller: "The speed and efficiency with which we managed to get the new facilities up and running and integrated into our routine operation is an impressive demonstration of the effective use of Dow work processes. We were able to provide commercial product to our customers in record time."

During the 15-month construction period, peak times saw more than 200 construction personnel working on the site, yet Dow's commitment to safety ensured that not a single injury occurred during construction and start-up phase.

The investment of approximately EUR 30 million increased the total capacity of the Stade plant by about 35%. This expansion demonstrates Dow's effort to increase global capacity for its METHOCEL cellulose ethers.

METHOCEL cellulose ethers are a family of water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose. METHOCEL cellulose ethers are currently used in products across multiple industries - including building materials, adhesives, food, pharmaceuticals and personal care - as thickeners, binders, film formers and water-retention agents, as well as suspension aids, surfactants, lubricants, protective colloids and emulsifiers.

Source: Dow Chemical Company

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