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Dow Corning Expert Presents Research Results At Adhesion Conference

Published on 2006-10-20. Author : SpecialChem

MIDLAND, Mich. -- Dr. François de Buyl, adhesion senior specialist at the Dow Corning Surface & Interface Solutions Centre (SISC), Seneffe, Belgium, presented the paper, "Benefits of Understanding Hydrolysis and Condensation Kinetics of G-Glycidoxy Propyl Trimethoxy Silane for Controlling Adhesion" at the 3rd World Congress on Adhesion and Related Phenomena, Oct. 15-18, Beijing, China.

The paper discussed the effect of temperature on the hydrolysis and condensation kinetics of g-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxy silane (GPS, Dow Corning® Z-6040).

"This information is fundamental to design the structure of the interphase, or inter-penetrated network, between dissimilar components in composite materials where GPS silane has already demonstrated its importance," said de Buyl.

De Buyl is responsible for developing innovative technical solutions for improved adhesion technology and surface modification for further applications in plastics, rubbers, sealants, adhesives and coatings. Dr. de Buyl has more than 15 years experience in formulating, compounding and developing applications for silicone sealants and adhesives for customers in the construction, automotive and electronic industry. His areas of technical expertise include curing mechanisms, polymer science, reinforcement, adhesion and crosslinking using organosilanes, as well as surface science related to adhesion phenomena.

De Buyl earned a Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry from University of Brussels in Belgium. He also earned a M.Sc. in Advanced Materials Technology from University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. He authored several technical papers and patents, and lectured regularly in conferences on adhesion and related phenomena.

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Source: Dow Corning

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