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Drytac®'s Artsafe 200 withstands 200 years without degradation

Published on 2010-08-19. Author : SpecialChem

Drytac® has developed Artsafeä 200, a mounting tissue that is a very high quality, buffered, acid-free, non-yellowing, stable and safe adhesive for giclee prints, posters, photo, fine art, prints and clippings.

Even after aging, Artsafeä 200 can be reversed by careful use of Industrial Methylated Spirit (IMS). Artsafeä 200 mounting tissue is supplied on a special "carrier release" paper, and can be used for both small and large prints. A single sided version (with adhesive on one side of the buffered tissue) is also available for use as a heat-set repair tissue.

Simulated age testing has shown Artsafeä 200 to withstand 200-year aging without degradation. Activation temperatures are very low for the safety of fragile items, with a standard working temperature at 70-75°C (160° F).

Source: Drytac

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