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DSM NeoResins+ launches NeoRez® P-900 series; the next generation of laminating resins for Flexible Packaging

Published on 2007-12-03. Author : SpecialChem

DSM NeoResins+ has made a quantum leap in the field of laminating adhesives with the introduction of their new NeoRez® P-900 series, delivering, security and reliability of adhesion with consistent fast curing. These new products outperform the current available market standards.

The NeoRez® P-900 series of products are based on novel routes in polyester chemistry and when cross-linked give consistent and exceptional bond strengths. NeoRez® P-900 series are free of aromatics isocyanates which are prone to have high extractable hazardous amines under retort conditioned. The nature of these products mean they comply with FDA 175 300, making them ideally suited to flexible food packaging.

Finally, the end user will see significant reductions in costs from using these adhesives, directly in the final formulation as well as in reduced process time and curing cycles. All due to the novel chemistry requiring much lower levels of cross-linking agents to achieve similar or better performance than market standards.

DSM NeoResins+ innovation and drive to support the market and its needs will continue in this field and we expect to introduce several new grades for the adhesives market to take full advantage of the overwhelming benefits derived from this unique polymer chemistry.

About DSM NeoResins+

DSM NeoResins+ is a leading, committed, global supplier of innovative specialty resins, specialized in the development and manufacturing of resins that is focused on fulfilling the needs of the coatings and graphic arts industries. DSM NeoResins' existing brand names Haloflex®, Halwedrol®, NeoCryl®, NeoRez®, NeoPac®, NeoRad®, Uracron®, Uradil® and Uralac® are well-known throughout the industries world-wide. DSM NeoResins+ has 1,200 employees and operates seven manufacturing sites: in Frankfort and Wilmington (US), Shunde (China), Hoek van Holland and Waalwijk (Netherlands), Meppen (Germany) and Parets (Spain). Being focused on customer needs, it has five Application and Research & Technology Centers: in Wilmington (US), Shanghai and Shunde (China), Parets (Spain), Waalwijk and Zwolle (Netherlands), all supported by three Customer Service Centers: in Wilmington (US), Shunde (China) and Waalwijk (Netherlands). DSM NeoResins+ is headquartered in Waalwijk (Netherlands).

About DSM

DSM creates innovative products and services in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences, contributing to the quality of life. DSM's products and services are used globally in a wide range of markets and applications, supporting a healthier, more sustainable and enjoyable way of living. End markets include human and animal nutrition and health, personal care, pharmaceuticals, automotive, coatings and paint, electrics & electronics, life protection and housing. The company strategy, Vision 2010 - Building on Strengths, focuses on accelerating profitable and innovative growth of the company's specialties portfolio. The key drivers of this strategy are market-driven growth and innovation, an increased presence in emerging economies and operational excellence. DSM has annual sales of almost EUR 9 billion and employs some 22,000 people worldwide. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, with locations in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia.

Source: DSM NeoResins

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