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Dublfilm S305 Double Coated PSA Film for Temporary Surface Protection

Published on 2008-01-25. Author : SpecialChem

For temporary bonding of labels and decals or protection of vehicle finishes during transport, Scapa Automotive has introduced Dublfilm S305, a double coated pressure sensitive adhesive film with a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other. This film may be laminated to foam or felt to create temporary protective padding for automotive surfaces or parts.

Dublfilm S305 consists of a polyester film double coated with a removable acrylic adhesive on the liner side, and a high performance permanent rubber adhesive on the exposed side. This 2.5 mil-thick product offers excellent heat resistance and aging properties and is supplied on a 60# tan polycoated release liner.

Strong and dimensionally-stable, this film offers excellent adhesion to many surfaces. Dublfilm S305 also provides smooth and easy removal from glass, metals, high gloss paints and other surfaces.

Source: Scapa North America

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