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DuPont Dow launches new processing aid technology

Published on 2002-11-14. Author : SpecialChem


DuPont Dow Elastomers has introduced new polymer processing additives that it claims represent a breakthrough in process aid technology. The new Viton� FreeFlow� fluoroelastomer process aids are used in the production of blown film, cast film, and extruded pipe, wire and cable.

The company says that the new products - Viton� FreeFlow� Z-100 and Viton� FreeFlow� Z-200 - use an optimum combination of rheology modified fluoroelastomer and innovative interfacial agents to make them work more efficiently and effectively than products currently on the market. They can significantly improve product quality without increasing costs, as well as provide exceptional performance in the most challenging resins.

According to DuPont Dow, for film converters, the additive eliminates melt fracture quickly, facilitating the production of smooth, clear films with a high gloss finish. It offers robust processing capability, the ability to reduce die gap size in blown films and it reduces die-buildup on extruded goods. Less material is needed to coat the die, reducing material costs, claims the company.

Christopher Fisher, marketing manager - DuPont Dow, says: "These new Viton FreeFlow products offer customers revolutionary improvements in processing, efficiency and performance. The technology enables the production of products that were not possible before and solves processing problems that other types of additives cannot."

The newest addition to the DuPont Dow Viton FreeFlow range is based on new technology that controls the size of the fluoroelastomer particles. The larger particles coat more of the die surface, enlarging the boundary layer on the die wall, which increases the probability that a particle will reach and coat the die. The result is a higher quality product produced quickly and at a lower cost, says DuPont Dow. Viton FreeFlowZ-100 offers improved performance and uses a lower level of polyethylene glycol (PEG), a conventional interfacial agent, than other fluoroelastomer polymer process aids. Its benefits include: reduced potential for olfactory effects in the final product; reduced screw slippage in film extruders that can be caused by excessive PEG, reduced breakdown from oxidatively unstable components and reduced negative interactions with other film additives.

Viton FreeFlow Z-200 uses a new interfacial agent with superior performance characteristics. The company adds that the product uses new polycaprolactone-based technology, which is more oxidatively and thermally stable than PEG, to offer best in class performance. Its benefits include no olfactory effects in final products, virtual elimination of screw slippage, reduced discoloration and reduced potential for negative interactions with other film additives.

DuPont Dow adds that Viton� FreeFlow� Z products contain no toxic chemicals and are stable at standard formulation and processing temperatures.

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