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Dymax UV flood systems makes curing easier and more efficient

Published on 2003-08-27. Author : SpecialChem


High efficiency is the hallmark of the new ADAC Systems Cure Zone 2 and Cure Zone HO2 UV flood lamp systems. These durable lamps are low maintenance, easy to use for both lab evaluation and bench top assembly, and come with a two-year warranty. They can be used in manual applications or mounted for automated processes. The systems are made for large assembly applications or batch processing of smaller parts.

These new flood lamps from ADAC Systems are equipped with shielded, hinged access doors to maximize safety and enhance ease of use for curing UV adhesives and coatings. Both units are equipped with height-adjustable, replaceable work surfaces for better ergonomics and curing flexibility. The reflector housing and shielding of both models sit atop the power supply creating a compact 11-inch-by-10-inch footprint.

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