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Dynasol Launches Solprene® 4302, Innovative Elastomer for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and Non-PSA Formulations

Published on 2010-10-25. Author : SpecialChem

Houston, TX -- Solprene® 4302 - one of the latest copolymer products from Dynasol Elastomers - promises superior performance for a variety of applications, including PSA and Non-PSA formulations. Its superior design and excellent tackifier resin compatibility give Solprene® 4302 optimal balance between adhesive strength, cohesive strength, and viscosity. Dynasol has announced plans to increase production of Solprene® 4302 to keep up with growing demand for the new product. Solprene® 4302 was optimized specifically for the PSA and Non-PSA market, but can also be useful in asphalt modification for roofing and paving.

Solprene® 4302

"The secret to Solprene 4302's success is the optimal structure design and balance with di-block content," says Dr. Walter Ramirez, director of technology at Dynasol. "The structure provides an excellent balance of cohesive strength, adhesive strength, and viscosity, making 4302 useful in a wide range of adhesive applications." Dynasol's latest innovation provides superior adhesive properties and high-temperature resistance; additionally, its viscosity balance reduces processing temperature and increases extruding rates, helping to optimize operation costs.

Solprene® 4302 is already being used in adhesive formulations for tapes, labels, sprayable adhesives, packaging, disposables, and foamed polymers for mattresses and furniture assembly. Solprene® 4302's optimal structure can also help for faster formulation development, shortening product-to-launch cycles. A South American client recently partnered with Dynasol to develop a solvent-based, sprayable adhesive formula to replace an adhesive formula based in Polychloroprene rubber. Using Solprene® 4302 as a starting point, Dynasol collaborated with the client to develop a new adhesive formula that was commercialized in less than one week.

Solprene® 4302 Performance Attributes Solprene® 4302 is optimized to perform in both PSA and Non-PSA applications:

  • Optimal cohesive and adhesive strength
  • Improved flow capabilities during processing stage
  • Excellent compatibility with most tackifier resins
  • Superior performance in a wide range of temperatures
  • Wide viscosity range for significant cost reduction in processing and end-use stages
  • BHT/TNPP Free Flexible Elastomer for Asphalt Modification

Solprene® 4302 can also be used for asphalt modification in paving and roofing industries due to its performance in low temperatures and impact resistance. "Plus, because Solprene® 4302 is available in pellet form," says Ramirez, "it's easy to handle in all of these applications."

About Dynasol Elastomers

Dynasol Elastomers is a leading global producer and supplier of styrene block copolymers (SBC's) and solution SBR. Dynasol operates in more than 70 countries and offers worldwide distribution of innovative elastomers under the well-known Calprene® and Solprene® trademarks. Since 1999, Dynasol has produced high-performance elastomers for asphalt modification (paving and roofing), adhesives and sealants, polymer modification, thermoplastic compounding, footwear, and vulcanized articles industries.

Sources: Dynasol

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