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EFD offers new hand fatigue eliminator dispending tool

Published on 2003-01-02. Author : SpecialChem


The HP7x dispensing tool eliminates hand fatigue when applying small amounts of viscous materials like silicones, epoxies and medical-grade adhesives.

The tool is an ergonomic alternative to hand syringes and other manual-dispensing devices and connects directly to a standard, 100-psi air-powdered dispenser. By using controlled air pressure instead of hand pressure to force thick materials through small dispensing needles, it minimizes the risk of repetitive stress injuries and increases yields by helping workers produce consistent parts in less time.

When used with a 100 psi EFD dispenser, the new HP7X high-pressure dispensing tool produces up to 700 psi inside a disposable 3cc reservoir. Uses include applying medical grade adhesives to pacemaker leads and similar applications where small, precise amounts of RTV silicones or other thick fluid are required.

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