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Electrolube to Display Silicone Resin Products at SMT Hybrid Packaging

Published on 2012-04-03. Author : SpecialChem

Electrolube, the global manufacturer at the forefront of electro-chemicals technology, will launch an innovative clear polyester resin and showcase the company's newest "green" and Silicone Resin products for the electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries, at SMT Hybrid Packaging on the 8-10 May at the Messezentrum in Nuremberg, booth 7-524.

The new PE7500 Clear Polyester resin, a flexible encapsulation resin, provides the performance afforded by polyurethane resins whilst eliminating the use of isocyanates. PE7500 carries no health warnings, thus providing a much safer environment for operators and ensuring a sustained future supply with chemical legislations getting tighter. In addition, PE7500 is a low hardness material and allows easy removal of cured material for rework processes due to its 'digoutable' properties and translucent amber colour. With high flexibility at temperature extremes of -70 to +100°C and excellent electrical properties, the PE7500 polyester resin provides an innovative solution to low hazard potting and encapsulation applications.

The SC range of silicone products on show features the SC3001, which achieved record sales in Australia and China before being introduced to Europe for 2012. Electrolube's most successful silicone resin product, SC3001, is an optically clear and flexible two-part encapsulation compound, developed specifically for the needs of the LED industry where optical clarity is essential. It features a number of benefits over its competitors, including low viscosity and excellent electrical properties and flexibility. It also exhibits excellent resistance to water and a wide variety of chemicals, therefore providing the highest protection in a range of environments. The "2000" series of silicone resin products enables high continuous operating temperatures and provides an excellent barrier against a number of extreme conditions. Silicone resins in the "2000" series include SC2001, a general potting and encapsulating compound, SC2001FD a fast cure compound and SC2003, a thixotropic compound.

Electrolube holds environmental responsibility at the core of its ethos and will showcase two of its newest 'green' innovations with the ability to reduce equivalent CO2 emissions by more than 99.5%, FREH Freezer Spray and the EADH Air Duster. Air-dusters are used in a variety of applications to remove dust and airborne contamination from very delicate or inaccessible areas of electrical and electronic equipment. Freezer sprays are also used by the industry for fault finding, helping to identify and to cool overheating electrical components. It is vital that products supplied for these purposes are non-flammable, because they are often used when equipment is switched on and 'live'.

Both products have been developed without the use of harmful gases and contain a hydrofluorocarbon propellant with superior environmental properties to the HFC-134a propellant, commonly used in alternative products. With low global-warming-potential (GWP), zero Ozone Depletion and non-flammable properties, EADH Air Duster and FREH Freezer spray provide extraordinary low-carbon advantages, with an additional benefit of 20% more blasts per can and without any compromise in performance.

Electrolube's management and technical team will be available at booth 7-524 to help identify solutions for visitors with specific electronic and manufacturing requirements and to discuss the benefits of their extensive product range including contact lubricants, conformal coatings, thermally conductive materials, resins and service and maintenance products.

About Electrolube

Electrolube, a division of H.K. Wentworth Limited, is one of the leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals for electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing. Additionally, Electrolube manufactures and supplies specialist lubricants to the automotive, industrial and domestic switch manufacturing sector. Research and development, quality and environmental concerns are fundamental to the Electrolube philosophy of providing the highest level of customer service. This is achieved both direct to manufacturers and via a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors. The continued global expansion of Electrolube and its innovative range of environmentally friendly products prove that the total capability and dedication to customer care combine to create a winning formula.

Source: Electrolube

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