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Elementis Specialties introduces BENAQUA® 2100 and BENAQUA 2200

Published on 2008-08-01. Author : SpecialChem

Elementis Specialties is pleased to announce the introduction 2 new products for Construction applications - BENAQUA® 2100 and BENAQUA 2200 - 2 new materials that are based on the Elementis unique raw material of hectorite clay, blended with 2 different polysaccharides.

The hectorite clay gives outstanding benefits to the formulator of dry mix mortar systems in terms of:
  • Workability and tooling
  • Improved sag resistance
  • Thixotropy
  • Anti-settling properties
  • Storage stability
  • Improved pumpability and shear-thinning
  • Anti-bleeding
This together with the advantage of the polysaccharide which gives:
  • Good water retention
  • Excellent thickening

Elementis Specialties test data shows that the BENAQUA 2200 gives better results in cement-based flooring screeds and underlayments and the BENAQUA 2100 gives better results in tile adhesives and renderings.


BENAQUA 2100 and 2200 are suitable for all mineral (cement) based construction systems, and in particular can be used in:
  • Screeds and underlayments
    • Self-levelling flooring compounds
    • Cementitious and gypsum anhydrate screeds
  • Tile mortars and adhesives
    • Cementitious tile adhesives and grouts
  • Plasters, renderings and stucco
    • Lime-cement plaster/rendering
    • EIFS plaster/rendering and adhesive system
    • Gypsum plasters/rendering
    • Mortars
  • Building adhesives
    • Cement based building adhesives
  • Joint fillers
    • Plasterboard joint fillers
    • Gypsum and cement pointing compounds

    Source: Elementis Specialties

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