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Elevance Partners with Virginia Tech to Support Polymer Research Program

Published on 2014-08-20. Author : SpecialChem

Universities are one aspect of Elevance’s multi-pronged approach to working collaboratively with innovative industry leaders to leverage resources in order to more quickly commercialize the production of renewable chemicals. That’s why the company is pleased to be partnering with Virginia Tech, a leading research institution in Virginia, on a research program that aims to enable engineered polymer and CASE partners and customers to create new and expanded product lines that were impossible until now.

The one-year agreement consists of two graduate-level researchers who are focusing research on the physical characterization of new and novel materials so that customers can:
  • Meet market demands faster;
  • Address industry challenges, including moisture sensitivity and chemical resistance, improved temperature properties, and improved adhesion to metals, glass and other polymers;
  • Grow businesses using renewable feedstocks and monomers with novel functionality;
  • Expand portfolios with products that deliver differentiated and enhanced performance; and
  • Diversify raw material supply chains while achieving sustainability goals.

About Elevance

Elevance is the first company to successfully bridge the renewables and chemicals industries, transforming natural plant-based oils, like soybean, rapeseed (canola), palm, corn and jatropha or algae, into specialty high-performance, cost-effective commercial products.

Source: Elevance

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