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Elmira Develops Range of Polyols for Construction Industry

Published on 2012-01-16. Author : SpecialChem

Elmira's new range of polyols has been developed as a solution for the increasing requirements demanded in the construction industry for the conservation of energy for new buildings and other dwellings. These polymers are designed for use in ridged polyurethane applications in roof, wall and flooring.

Polycard insulation has been focused in the optimization of RPU formulations to provide increased fire retardants, thermal insulation properties and sustainability credits to building projects. These highly versatile materials can be produced both in monolithic slab stock and spray form. This insulation system contains no HFC's and is water blown enabling optimised air and acoustic performance.

About Elmira

As one of a leading chemical distribution company Elmira specializes in the proliferation of a wide range of polymeric materials for a multitude of markets, offering customers the broadest range of products to facilitate value added solutions, whatever the complexity. Elmira believes in a sustainable future, based on innovative processes and technologies utilizing the very best in raw material feedstock to achieve its goals.

With over 10 years of experience of delivering technologically advanced materials to the marketplace, it can guarantee the highest performance for the customers. Through ongoing partnerships both in the UK and Europe, Elmira has the knowledge and capabilities to continue to develop market leading products in the future.

Source: Elmira

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