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Emerald Kalama Teams up with BCD & Caldic Spécialités for Distribution of K-FLEX® Plasticizers

Published on 2015-04-27. Author : SpecialChem

Emerald Kalama Chemical BV, a business of Emerald Performance Materials LLC, has made key new distribution appointments for the K-FLEX® platform of fast fusing plasticizers and low-VOC coalescents. BCD Chemie GmbH will service the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), while Caldic Spécialités will manage K-FLEX®distribution in France.

“Emerald continues to build its infrastructure in the EMEA region in response to demand for more environmentally friendly materials that deliver the performance that manufacturers need,” said Hans Dick Terhenne, K-FLEX® business director for EMEA. “Both BCD and Caldic Spécialités are the right companies to provide customers with the service they need and to further develop our business in the region.”

Terhenne continued, “BCD and Caldic Specialités provide extensive plasticizer and industry knowledge, a broad portfolio of related products and an ambitious team. Their existing technical knowledge of the market, coupled with their large customer base, will support the market introduction of K- FLEX® in key growing market segments, such as sealants, water-based adhesives, vinyl and coatings. We expect to substantially grow the business in existing applications and to boost the development of new markets and applications.”

K-FLEX® products are utilized as highly effective plasticizers in adhesives, PVC plastisols and compounds, caulks, sealants and other latex polymer applications, as well as coalescents in paints, coatings, inks and graphic arts. , K-FLEX® products are known as environmentally friendly specialty plasticizers and coalescents: low-VOC, readily biodegradable and REACH-registered. In addition, K-FLEX® plasticizers and coalescents enhance key performance features, such as film formation, adhesion, processing characteristics and resistance of the end-product to oil, grease and water. This makes them a better value choice when compared to other industry standard plasticizers and coalescents.

The new distribution partners affirm the demand for K-Flex products in the region. Managing Director of BCD, Lars Schneider commented, "We are excited about the cooperation with Emerald Kalama as it is a unique fit to our existing product portfolio and will allow us to bring additional value to our customers with Emerald's technical innovative and environmentally sustainable product solutions."

Caldic Managing director Laurent Pasqualini agreed noting that the new indoor air quality regulations under ISO 16000-6 will drive further demand for the low-VOC K-Flex materials which have been approved under the EU Eco-label (RAL-UZ 12a) standard for low emissions and low pollutant paint and varnish.

The K-FLEX® product line is currently manufactured at the company’s ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-14001 certified operations in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and in Kalama, Washington (United States). Emerald Kalama Chemical also produces sodium and potassium benzoate, benzoic acid and intermediates and specialty flavor and fragrance ingredients, which the company sells globally through its distribution partners.
K-FLEX® plasticizers and coalescents are available globally.

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Emerald Performance Materials produces and markets technologically advanced specialty chemicals for a broad range of food and industrial applications. Emerald® products play a variety of roles in the products that are consumed and used every day, enabling them to last longer, look, smell, taste or perform better. Emerald products are used in aerospace, food, beverages, cosmetics, toothpaste, household products, paint, tires, automobiles, sports gear and many other applications. Headquartered in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Emerald has four business groups, eight operations and approximately 750 employees.

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