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Engineered Conductive Materials Unveils 530-121 Conductive Adhesive

Published on 2012-07-11. Author : SpecialChem

Engineered Conductive Materials has introduced 530-121 conductive adhesive designed for ribbon stringing in thin-film solar modules. The price of this material formulation is 60% of the cost of a pure silver-filled material and has been optimized for conductivity and stability on various substrates when cured at 150 degrees C, according to the company.

The 530-121 has a dispensing work life greater than 48 hours (measured as a 25% increase in viscosity), while maintaining optimized rheology for dispensing and damp heat resistance, the company explains.

In addition, the material has conductivity stability on molybdenum and tin, tin-silver and silver-plated ribbons. The 530-121 features a rubber-like flexibility that can be used for flexible photovoltaic applications.

About Engineered Materials Systems

Engineered Materials Systems, Inc, is a global formulator and manufacturer of adhesives, conductives and encapsulants serving the appliance, automotive, filter, lighting, medical and microelectronics markets. For over 20 years, EMS has formulated state of the art acrylics, epoxies, silicones and urethanes. EMS's goal is to fill a void in the industrial market utilizing materials for assembly. EMS believes all applications are unique and specific. The company's ability to define, develop and create solutions for its customers is superior when compared to its competitors. EMS is a market leader providing innovative and cost effective solutions for original equipment manufacturers. Its customer commitment is another reason why EMS maintains market leadership in providing excellent engineered materials.

Source: EMS

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