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Etiket Schiller Offers Biodegradable Labels for Compostable Packaging

Published on 2018-06-01. Author : SpecialChem

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Etiket Schiller offers biodegradable labels from renewable raw materials. Brand owners can thus offer high-quality products such as organic food, beverages or cosmetics with a fully compostable packaging. The label material and the adhesive are biodegradable and compostable and carry the "OK Compost" certificate in accordance with EU Regulation EN 13432.

Labels for Compostable Packaging

Biodegradable labels from renewable raw materials

  • With a wide range of sustainable products, Etiket Schiller is responding to the growing demand for environmentally friendly packaging. 
  • The compostable self-adhesive labels are approved for contact with dry, non-fatty foods and can be glued directly to fruit or vegetables. 
  • They are particularly suitable for products whose packaging is said to be completely biodegradable. 
  • With special, likewise compostable adhesives, they are glued to paper packaging or biodegradable films. 
  • Also for environmentally friendly packaging of health products or organic cosmetics the materials of Etiket Schiller are used. 
  • The labels are suitable for high-quality outer packaging, but due to the high cellulose content only to a limited extent for long-term use in humid environments.

Individual Eco-friendly Labeling Solutions

In order for a complete package to be returned to nature, all components (packaging material, label film and adhesive) must be compostable. Etiket Schiller advises customers extensively and develops individual labeling solutions for the respective application - even for runs of 500 pieces or more.

"OK Compost" Certificate

The white or transparent outer material of the compostable labels consists of cellulose (wood pulp) from controlled plantings. It can be disposed of in the bin or compost after use. For direct food contact, Etiket Schiller uses FDA 175.105 approved adhesives and low migration inks according to the European Food Directive. For compostable packaging, an acrylate-based adhesive with "OK Compost" certificate is used. If necessary, the label materials can be subsequently printed with a thermal transfer printer.

Source: Etiket Schiller
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