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Evo-Stik Launches Range of 2-part Epoxy Resins for Bonding Various Substrates

Published on 2012-01-11. Author : SpecialChem

The new range of Two Part Epoxy resins includes seven products. Each adhesive comes in a strong, colour-coordinated blister pack to create stand out on the shelf and includes simple, easy-to-follow instructions to help consumers select the right product for the job.

Evo-Stik introduce a new range of two-part Epoxy resins to the market
Evo-Stik introduce two-part Epoxy resins to the market

Jon Griffiths, marketing manager for Evo-Stik, comments: "Our research shows there's a real demand for an Epoxy range that offers high performance fix and repair solutions in easy-to-use applicators with clear instructions".

"As our first Epoxy range on the market, we have listened to our customers and designed seven adhesives that not only guarantee results every time but are clearly labelled to help simplify the purchasing process and reduce fragmentation at the fixture. They are available in either a syringe or a tube, depending on the consumer's personal preference, and come with a handy spatula and tray for mixing."

"As the UK's number one adhesives manufacturer, we know our brand is trusted by consumers. Over the last two years, we have invested heavily in the brand through national TV advertising and signed long term sponsorship deals with both the Northern Premier and the Southern Football Leagues. This has ensured UK wide exposure of the brand amongst a predominantly male audience and has further cemented our position as the number one choice for adhesives."

"We will be continuing to invest in our above-the-line and sponsorship activities in 2012 to ensure this new range is a success."

Included in the range is an Epoxy Control Ultra-Strong Adjustable Adhesive, available in either a tube or a syringe. It has been designed specifically for larger repair jobs, or where a number of components need to be assembled, as it can be repositioned for up to two hours.

Ensuring a strong bond in minutes, Epoxy Rapid-Strong Fast-Set Adhesive sets in just five minutes. Available in either a tube or a syringe, it works effectively across on a range of materials, including ceramics, wood, chipboard, glass, metal and plastic.

Epoxy Rapid Metal Ultra-Strong Adhesive has been specially formulated with stainless steel to bond most metals, including iron, steel, aluminum, copper and brass. It sets in five minutes and once dry, can be drilled, painted or filed, as required.

And for when an invisible bond is required, Epoxy Express Ultra-Strong Invisible Adhesive dries clear, making it ideal for fixing uneven breaks on materials such as glass and ceramic or mending jewellery or other plastic and leather items. A spatula and tray is included with the products for mixing while the syringe options ensure an equal amount of resin and hardener are dispensed.

In addition, the range includes a high performance, one-shot adhesive, Epoxy Power Ultra-Strong Self-Mix Adhesive. Offering supreme strength and flexibility, it benefits from the incredible power of a two-part adhesive but comes with a precise self-mixing applicator for ease of use. It bonds a range of substrates in just 80 seconds. All products in the range are solvent free and resistant to heat, water and oil. They can fill uneven surfaces and once dry, can be sanded and painted.

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