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Fabrico Medical Offers Advanced Medical Pouching Made of Barrier Films

Published on 2014-06-16. Author : SpecialChem

Rochester, NY – Fabrico Medical, the premier provider of converted materials and advanced assembly for the design-to-manufacture of medical devices and diagnostic disposables, is now offering advanced pouching for medical materials.

Typically used for delicate or sterile medical devices and disposables, medical pouching is an innovative segment of standard packaging. Designers must be mindful of overall the durability and strength of pouching materials to ensure they meet the specifications that are required for their application. Factors such as the pouch environment, visual inspection via optically-clear materials, high-barrier protection, point of use, storage conditions, sterilization, and clean room conversion/assembly, all impact the material selection. Pouches made of barrier films will protect your products from oxygen, light, and/or moisture. Additionally, any required labeling can be incorporated as part of the pouch material for added durability. Fabrico Medical’s skilled team of design engineers has expertise in helping medical OEM’s analyze those factors and choose the best materials for their applications.

Fabrico Medical can also help determine what converting methods should be used for each pouching project. Examples of these techniques include:
  • Rotary die-cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Humidity infusion
  • Vacuum sealing

Fabrico Medical offers repeatable, high-volume, high-speed processes that meet specified pouch performance characteristics and are cost-effective. Fabrico Medical has multiple Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean rooms which ensure the proper, high-level quality required for medical appliances.

About Fabrico Medical

Fabrico Medical is a leader in converted materials solutions for the medical market, with experience in a broad range of medical applications, including medical device and diagnostic equipment, disposables, wound care, and packaging. Fabrico Medical has developed a track record of solving unique challenges and providing sound customer solutions. The company offers a wide range of custom fabrication services for the medical market including custom converting; custom laminating and die-cutting; and complex printing and assemblies. Fabrico Medical is located in Rochester, NY, USA and is a division of EIS, Inc. and the Genuine Parts Company (NYSE: GPC) Electrical/Electronic Materials Group.

Source: Fabrico Medical

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