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FEICA Supports Eco-design for Electronic Products & Components Like Computers

Published on 2018-03-20. Author : SpecialChem

FEICA Supports Ecodesign for Computers & Computer Servers
In the regard of the common interests of industry throughout Europe, FEICA aims to establish a constructive dialogue with European legislators in order to act as a reliable partner and create a mutually beneficial economic and legislative environment.

FEICA members support the need for eco-design to encourage end-of-life re-use and recycle solutions for electronic products and components, such as computers. The aims for reducing waste and ensuring full circularity of the economy go beyond what economic actors can achieve alone.

Eco-design Legislation Proposals

FEICA has already been an active advocate in the ecodesign legislation proposals for electronic displays and servers and supports the principle that design for circularity is important.

Adhesives are an outstanding and versatile fixing solution. The use of appropriate adhesive bonding solutions to facilitate repair and recycle should be properly planned and engineered during the design phase of a product.

Adhesive Solution for Products

FEICA members believe that: 

  • Should the European Commission decide to pursue either policy options 2 or 3, the revision of these regulations must be balanced and the competitiveness of European industry must be considered.
  • Imposing specific technologies on manufacturers could potentially result in a technology lock-in, thus hampering innovation and preventing the development of more efficient products in the future.
  • By working closely with customers, adhesives manufacturers can help ensure that the optimum adhesive solution is specified in the design phase to improve the recycling and repair potential of future products.

Source: FEICA
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