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First ever on-line Collaborative Ideation Event on the future of Bio-Based Chemicals

Published on 2010-05-27. Author : SpecialChem

Bio-based chemicals are considered by many as THE future alternative to oil-based derivatives. Their development is at the early stages, but the business potential is enormous.

In this context, SpecialChem is organizing the first ever on-line Collaborative Ideation Event on the future of Bio-Based Chemicals.
SpecialChem's ideationLAB is a brand new interactive platform using the dynamics of social networking to maximize collective intelligence, co-developed with DiscoveryCast, a Silicon Valley technology company. This new ideationLAB platform allows masses of people to share ideas or opinions, build upon each other's ideas, start discussions and rate the existing ideas in real-time.

Participants to this ideationLAB dedicated to bio-based Chemicals will:

  • interact with leaders...
  • from the five continents...
  • across chemicals and material suppliers, biotech and agro companies, brand owners/OEMs, and...
  • the SpecialChem network of experts.

IdeationLab details:

  • June 9 - 11, 2010.
  • 24h/day Online Global Conversation for the 3 days
  • Connection at any time to participate
  • No Cost to join

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Join now and take active part in finding solutions for sustainability!

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