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FLEXcon Introduces V-483 Pressure-Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive Fills the Gap between Regular Solvent Acrylic Adhesives and Silicone Adhesives

Published on 2009-01-05. Author : SpecialChem

FLEXcon introduces its V-483 permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. V-483 fills the gap between regular solvent acrylic adhesives and silicone adhesives. When application temperatures rise, but not to a level where a silicone adhesive is essential, FLEXcon's V-483 can meet the need. It is designed to produce a high performance bond to a wide range of surfaces while offering a cost-competitive acrylic product for high temperature applications.

V-483 is part of FLEXcon's line of permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives. V-483 is ideal for use in harsh environment applications, including areas that have varying temperatures such as electrical boxes, automotive components, and aerospace components. This adhesive bonds well to metals as well as low-surface energy and high-surface energy plastics.

Source: FLEXcon

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