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Food Packaging Converters Select Rohm and Haas's Solventless Mor-Free L75-164 for Process Efficiency

Published on 2008-03-28. Author : SpecialChem

PHILADELPHIA -- As consumer products companies increasingly rely on suppliers to speed service and better manage costs, many converters of food packaging are meeting those requirements by adopting Rohm and Haas's unique new flexible packaging laminating adhesive. Solventless Mor-Free™ L75-164 laminating adhesive is said to deliver impressive processing efficiencies never before available at this level of performance with solventless technology, while meeting demanding FDA food packaging requirements, all in an environmentally advanced fashion. Rohm and Haas will showcase the new product's capabilities in joint demonstration trials with machinery manufacturer Nordmeccanica in April 2008.

Recommended for general and medium-performance packages as well as challenging hot fill applications, this Mor-Free adhesive delivers unmatched processing speed in multiple ways, says Nancy Smith, Rohm and Haas commercial development manager, Packaging and Converting. "Laminates used in hot fill applications made with traditional solventless adhesives are typically slow to cure, requiring a week to 10 days storage in inventory before shipping or further processing. The new Mor-Free product, which is fully compliant with stringent FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1395, attains full cure at ambient temperatures in half the time, typically three days."

Converters can also process laminates made with this new Mor-Free laminating adhesive on the same shift - slitting in just four hours instead of waiting a day or more as they do when laminating with competing solventless adhesives. "Customers make product faster, process it more rapidly, ship it more quickly, reduce inventory requirements and meet their customer needs much faster- this adhesive is the whole package, so to speak," explains John Norder, North American business manager, Packaging and Converting. "And unlike other choices, this Mor-Free product doesn't need specialized application temperatures or cure conditions."

Mor-Free™ L75-164 laminating adhesive also provides an immediate advantage to users-an environmentally advanced formulation that helps meet sustainability goals that are increasingly imposed on suppliers. With this intrinsically solvent-free product, converters need not handle VOCs or incinerate carrier solvents. The formulation doesn't contain water, alleviating air handling and drying needs in addition to improving adhesive shipping, handling and warehousing efficiencies. "The whole energy footprint is lower with this solventless adhesive," says Smith, "including the need for less space to house solventless machinery." Capital investment in solventless equipment is also lower than solvent or water-based adhesives, and installation goes more quickly, making solventless agents a highly desirable choice for those switching technology or starting new lamination lines.

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