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Fortune Diversified Industries (FDVI) Announces 3M and Nor-Cote Put Screen-printable Adhesive in the Spotlight

Published on 2004-09-17. Author : SpecialChem


Nor-Cote and 3M have combined their expertise in ultra-violet printing technology and advanced adhesives, respectively, to produce a new UV-cured, screen-printable adhesive, "3M SP-7514," that will boost productivity significantly. It will be used for a number of applications, including electronics manufacturing, membrane switches, nameplates, automotive dashboards and sign-making. 3M SP-7514 is an innovative liquid acrylate-based material that is suitable for both flat-bed and rotary screen-printing. This means it can be processed faster and more consistently than solvent or water-based alternatives, and has been optimised to provide durable long- lasting performance.

SP-7514 is ideal for intricate adhesive applications like the manufacture of touch screens or automotive instrument panels. Unlike die-cut adhesive films, no tooling is required and there is no cutting waste during processing, and accurate outlines can be easily printed at thicknesses of less than 25 microns .

Because there are no volatile organic compounds in the process, considerable environmental benefits are achieved. Additionally, the adhesive will not dry on the screen, eliminating the need for periodic cleaning of equipment. Combined with the instant UV curing, this can increase overall productivity by as much as 40%.

In laymen's terms, SP-7514 gives the user control of the performance characteristics of the adhesive by definitive curing of the adhesive that keeps the Nor-Cote inks bonded to the application on which it's being printed. Curing/Drying occurs instantly only when the adhesive is exposed to the UV light source, otherwise the adhesive properties remain constant and repeatable regardless of changes in temperature or humidity.

This is a major development. "This new adhesive technology gives manufacturers exactly what they have been looking for in terms of processing speed, control and environmental performance," says Dr Chris Howitt, technical services manager of 3M's UK Industrial Business. "When maximum throughput, minimum waste, and optimum quality are all priorities, SP-7514 is a superb solution."

According to Mike Bain, managing director of Nor-Cote UK, "This new 3M adhesive is the perfect complement to our range of UV-curable graphic and electrographic inks. We can now provide a complete package of UV products to our industrial graphics customers while our extensive expertise in UV screen-printing technology will help them find the best solution to all their printing, processing and assembly needs."

About Nor-Cote

Nor-Cote International is a world-class manufacturer of UV curable screen printing inks. Nor-Cote products are used for flat-screen and, rotary-screen printing on many types of plastic, metals, and other substrates that are compatible with the UV curing process. Typical applications are plastic sheets, loose-leaf binders, bottles & containers, CD and DVD disks, rotary-screen printed labels, and membrane switch overlays and automotive dashboards. Nor-Cote also manufactures technically advanced UV conductive and UV Electro-luminescent inks which are compatible with the SP-7514 UV adhesive.

About 3M

3M's goal is to provide practical and ingenious solutions that help customers succeed. 3M is a $18 billion dollar multinational which creates, manufactures and markets over 50,000 products across 200 countries world-wide. The company has a diverse product range, offering practical solutions to the business, consumer, telecoms, transportation, office, healthcare and industrial markets. 3M was founded in Minnesota, US in 1902 and established a UK subsidiary in 1951. Today, in the UK and Ireland, the company employs approximately 3,500 employees in 14

Source: Fortune Diversified Industries (FDVI)

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