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Franklin Expands FilterFAB Line of Filter Assembly Adhesives with Vinyl Acrylic Sealant

Published on 2012-01-30. Author : SpecialChem

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers' newest addition to the FilterFAB line of filter assembly adhesives is a versatile sealant that instantly bonds pleated glass or paper media to a wide range of framing substrates used in framed air intake panel filters.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, has expanded its new line of FilterFAB filter assembly adhesives to include a thick, quick and very versatile sealant developed primarily to bond pleated glass or paper media to the frames of air intake panel filters.

FilterFAB 150 is a fiber-filled, vinyl acrylic copolymer sealant that blends high viscosity and high solids into a thick formula that dries quickly and remains flexible over time. The new sealant's instant set time eliminates the need for clamping, simplifying and accelerating filter production.

The most recent FilterFAB product also is remarkably versatile. It adheres to frames made from a diversity of materials, including steel, wood, plastic and aluminum. Although its primary purpose is to bond the media to the frames - the sealant typically is applied to the trough of the frame, and the assembly then wrapped around the pleated media - it also serves to seal joints in a broad array of indoor and outdoor HVAC duct systems.

As a water-based sealant, FilterFAB 150 is safe to use and safe for the environment, too. It is nonflammable, produces no harmful fumes and contains no added formaldehyde. Franklin Adhesives & Polymers has added antimicrobial agents that help the sealant stay bacteria-free long after it has cured, reducing the risk of air contamination. The sealant also is UL-listed, passing 181 A-M and 181 B-M testing for safety. As an added plus, the sealant's water-based formulation enables FilterFAB 150 to be easily cleaned up with water when wet, increasing productivity in the plant.

About Franklin International

Based in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., Franklin International was established in 1935 and today is among the largest privately held manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and polymers for commercial and industrial applications. Franklin integrates its core competency - emulsion polymerization - into a broad product offering, including glues, adhesives, binders, films, sizing compounds and more. These products are distributed across six continents for use in construction, furniture manufacturing, millwork, filters, pressure-sensitive paper products and fiberglass reinforcement.

Source: Franklin

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