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Franklin Intl Unveils FilterFAB 3000, a Cross-linked Vinyl Acrylic Polymer for Air-filtration

Published on 2014-01-16. Author : SpecialChem

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, is expanding its line of adhesives for use in the manufacture of filters with the unveiling of FilterFAB 3000, a high-performing adhesive developed specifically to enhance the performance of media used in residential and commercial air-filtration systems, during the Filtration International Conference and Exposition 2013.

Filter manufacturers spray FilterFAB 3000, a cross-linked, vinyl acrylic polymer, directly on the filter media, enabling the now-sticky media to entrap more particulates from the air stream. The adhesive dries quickly in an oven, minimizing additional production time. Further, its water-based formulation renders it easy to clean with water when wet, reducing clean-up time. Overall, adhesive application has minor impact on productivity, yet greatly effects end-product performance.

FilterFAB 3000 offers additional benefits as a low-VOC, formaldehyde-free adhesive that is safe for the environment and for use in air-filtration systems. Further, as a pressure sensitive adhesive, it is ideal for laminating multiple layers of media to achieve the desired performance level.

"We put more than 75 years of experience in the development of adhesives - and more than 15 years serving the filtration industry - into the creation of FilterFAB 3000, our premiere product for this unique media application," said Dan Pikula, vice president, filter market development, North America. "We are proud to add it to our growing line of high-performance FilterFAB adhesives developed specifically for use in the manufacturer of air and liquid filters."

Other FilterFAB products include two powerful, fast-setting PVA adhesives for general air filter assembly, FilterFAB 200 and FilterFAB 300; and FilterFAB 2000, a versatile solvent-free polyurethane adhesive for end cap potting and edge/frame sealing.

About Franklin International

Based in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., Franklin International was established in 1935 and today is among the largest privately held manufacturers of adhesives, sealants and polymers for commercial and industrial applications. Franklin integrates its core competency - emulsion polymerization - into a broad product offering, including glues, adhesives, binders, films, sizing compounds and more. These products are distributed across six continents for use in construction, furniture manufacturing, millwork, paper converting, pressure-sensitive paper products and fiberglass reinforcement.

Source: Franklin International

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