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Garland Launches Rapid-Curing Liquid Roofing Mastic

Published on 2012-01-26. Author : SpecialChem

Cleveland, Ohio -- Garland recently introduced a new single-component liquid-applied mastic that is durable and easy to apply. The Tuff-Flash™ liquid flashing system provides superior water protection and weathering capabilities. It is an asphalt polyurethane that adheres to asphaltic membranes as well as a variety of metal surfaces. This includes SBS, APP, and smooth or mineral surfaced asphalt roofs. It is well suited for complex or irregular roofing details that would present a problem for traditional flashing. The Tuff-Flash system requires no mixing, and can be installed with a brush or trowel.

Rapid-Curing Liquid Roofing Mastic
Rapid-Curing Liquid Roofing Mastic

Tuff-Flash™ liquid flashing is environmentally friendly, having zero VOCs and low odor. It is durable, reflective, and UV resistant (when surfaced). It eliminates the need for a torch or hot kettle, and is easier to work with than two-part products that require exact mixing and have short pot lives. The Tuff-Flash system capitalizes on the benefits of both asphalt and urethane chemistries, and actually builds strength over time as it cures.

According to Garland product manager, Tom Stuewe, "This product is ideal for sealing difficult flashing details like an I-Beam or angle iron coming through the roof. It skins over quickly in hours and completely cures in 10 to 15 days, which helps reduce project disruptions and duration. A reflective coating can then be applied within 15 to 30 days."

Tuff-Flash™ liquid flashing can be successfully layered with Garland's Grip Polyester® fabric, to add tensile strength and asphalt waterproofing. To prepare modified surfaces for the liquid flashing, gaps in modified surfaces should be sealed with Garland's Green-Lock® Structural Adhesive.

About Garland Company

The Garland Company, Inc. is a worldwide leader of quality, high-performance roofing and building maintenance systems for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. For over 100 years, Garland has continually developed unique product and service offerings that raise industry standards of performance in order to meet the technical performance requirements of a wide range of challenging waterproofing applications throughout the world. Its 200 local representatives are strategically positioned throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to provide integrated product and service solutions for single and multi-property facilities. The Garland Company, Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Source: Garland

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