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Global Construction Chemicals Revenue to Grow at a CAGR of 8.53% from 2012 to 2017, Expects M&M

Published on 2012-10-03. Author : SpecialChem

The report "Global Construction Chemicals Market by Type & Geography - Forecasts up to 2017", published by MarketsandMarkets, defines and segments the global construction chemicals market with analysis and forecasting of the global volume and revenue for the construction chemicals. The global construction chemicals revenue is expected to grow from $14,853 million in 2012 to $22,361 million by 2017, growing at an estimated CAGR of 8.53% from 2012 to 2017. As of year 2012, Asia-Pacific is expected to lead construction chemicals consumption followed by Europe. North America and ROW are expected to stand next in the consumption of construction chemicals. Concrete admixtures are estimated to lead amongst the other construction chemicals in its consumption. Adhesives, flame retardants, and sealants are expected to contribute their share in the consumption of construction chemicals after the concrete admixtures.

The construction chemicals are widely preferred in construction industry as these offer enhanced properties to the construction and structures. The utilization of construction chemicals (such as concrete admixtures, flame retardants, and adhesives and sealants) provides flexibility to designers in order to modify and enhance the physical as well as chemical properties of the structure. The properties which are enhanced can be listed such as compressive strength, durability, surface finish, and resistance to withstand adverse climatic and working conditions as per design specifications/requirements, protection from natural factors, flames; and providing pleasant appearance without compromising over quality of the structure.

The consumption of construction chemicals depends upon the extent of construction development activities occurring in a particular region and also redevelopment activities taking place across some regions. The increasing construction activities in Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions, booming urbanization trend, improved quality, and economics of the construction, stringent regulatory requirements are some of the main drivers for increasing consumption of construction chemicals globally. However, the well established infrastructure in European and North American region would limit the consumption of construction chemicals in these regions. On the contrary, promising growth is anticipated in developing regions of the world in construction chemicals segment due to reasons such as housing requirements for steadily increasing population, need of basic infrastructure and developments, governmental investments, etc.

The market dynamics of construction chemical industry are studied for market insights such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The main drivers of construction chemical industry are its high demand in developing countries, improved quality and economics of construction, and steadily growing urbanization trend. The factors restraining the market could be established infrastructures in developed countries and unstable economic cycle. The opportunities are cited in utilization of ready-mix concrete (RMC) in developing countries. The report also touches various other important aspects of the market. It includes Porter five forces analysis, the competitive landscape, a raw material analysis, as well as the fracturing process. It also includes an analysis of the production cost. In addition, 25 key players of this market have also been profiled.

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