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Global Market for Aliphatic Polyester Polyols to Grow at 5% per Annum in Asia: IAL Consultants

Published on 2016-01-08. Author : SpecialChem

IAL Consultants announces the publication of the fourth edition of its report on the markets for Aliphatic and Aromatic Polyester Polyols.

This new study updates the information included in our previous study published in 2013.Data in this report has been extensively revised through a lengthy program of interviews throughout the industry during the second half of 2015. This report contains data on the consumption of both aliphatic and aromatic polyester polyols in 2015 and forecast consumption for 2020 split by the three major geographic regions (Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific).

Global Market for Aliphatic Polyester Polyols to Grow
Fig. 1: Global Market for Aliphatic Polyester Polyols to Grow

The total global market for Aliphatic Polyester Polyols was estimated at 1,737,500 tons in 2015, with China accounting for more than half of the total demand. The market is expected to grow by 5.0% annually over the next five years, with most growth present in Asia. The market is dominated by the demand from Chinese end users for elastomer applications.

This remains by far the largest market segment, in spite of the growth rates slowing down in recent years, a result of the migration of OEM manufacturing to other lower cost countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Footwear elastomers, primarily microcellular soles, represent the largest end-use application for aliphatic polyester polyols in Asia.

The markets in Europe and North America have been more stagnant in recent years, with only moderate growth expected in the coming years. One exception is flexible packaging adhesives, which have performed well throughout the economic difficulties and which will continue to experience strong growth in the years to come.

The demand for Aromatic Polyester Polyols has continued to experience strong growth in Europe and North America, driven by the increasing demand for high quality thermal insulation, in particular flexible-faced PIR panels and spray foam, in an effort to improve the energy efficiency of the new and existing building stock and to meet the more stringent building codes. The total market for aromatic polyester polyols was estimated at 718,260 tons in 2015, with Western Europe and North America accounting for a 29% and 31% share of the global markets, respectively. The global market is expected to grow by an average 4.2% p.a. over the next five years.

In this report, the data for Aromatic Polyester Polyols is split into the following end-use categories:

• Flexible-faced Panels/Boardstock
• Continuous and Discontinuous Rigid-faced Panels
• Slabstock/Bunstock
• Rigid Spray Foam
• Refrigeration/Appliances
• OCF Aerosol Sprays
• Pipe-in-Pipe Insulation
• Coatings
• Adhesives & Sealants
• Elastomers

About IAL Consultants

IAL Consultants is a global chemical industry consultancy specializing in polyurethane market reports and research, as well as other key areas such as thermal insulation, adhesives & sealants, flavors & fragrances and other specialty plastics and chemicals.
IAL has over 40 years’ experience publishing industrial market reports and delivering proprietary consulting projects to the world’s leading chemical companies.

Source: IAL Consultants

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