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Harvin introduces products based on MDI prepolymers

Published on 2004-01-13. Author : SpecialChem

Harvin Reaction Technology Inc. has announced the introduction of new products based on MDI prepolymers.

Dick Baum, Harvin's vice president of operations and general manager, stated that "100 percent solids moisture cure urethanes based on MDI prepolymers are gaining popularity as replacements for solvent based and water based adhesives in many laminating and assembly applications."

Other uses for these reactive MDI products, Baum said, are as components of coatings and sealants, and as the isocyanate component of polyurea and polyurethane spray coatings. Harvin produces a broad spectrum of materials based on a variety of polymeric and monomeric MDI types and polyol backbones. Custom formulations for specific applications are also available.

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