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Hellas Becomes the 1st US Turf Manufacturer to Use Greenest Adhesive System

Published on 2011-09-05. Author : SpecialChem

Fort Washington, MD -- Hellas Construction, Inc. is the first major US turf manufacturer to remove Isocynanate and solvents out of its field installation process. Recently Hellas decided to take the lead on using this level of environmentally friendly products and started transitioning its fields to the Proline Seaming System. While many turf brands are still using glue or hot melt products containing harmful Isocynanate and solvents because they cost less, Hellas is using the industry's greenest adhesive system.

The Proline Seaming System is a patent pending synthetic turf installation system; containing no Isocynanate, no solvents and less than 2% V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) and this system benefits any LEED conscientious project design. This comprehensive system offered by DOC Adhesive Products is the only fully integrated seaming system that includes custom manufactured seaming equipment calibrated to the turf product. The system also comes with an independent seam warranty for the owner that matches the turf field. This is the only seam rupture warranty of its kind on the U.S. market.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Hellas Construction. They are a thorough client with a keen focus on quality, and that's exactly what we are looking for. We have our installation technicians traveling the country to ensure the compatibility of our system on Hellas' projects. We guarantee the quality of our system and we work on the job with our clients until everyone is comfortable with the process." DOCAP CEO - Graham E. Hayes II

DOCAP is the only adhesive company in the U.S. willing to offer an independent seam warranty for the owner of the field. The Proline Seaming System stands along in quality, performance and its commitment to the environment. Proline T44 elastic adhesive is the only 100% GREEN, FIFA approved turf adhesive, containing no solvents or Isocynanate in use world-wide. DOCAP is the exclusive U.S. distributors and service contractors for Akzo Nobel the manufactures of Proline T44.

The Proline Seaming System contains a complete line of custom manufactured turf installation equipment, calibrated to deliver premium quality seams. This is the only fully integrated seaming system with a patent pending finishing roller offer on the U.S. market. Quality seaming work requires control and the Proline Seaming System delivers that control. "We anticipate less than 2% of our seams to have ruptures over the life of the field. Regardless of the industry, companies offer warranties that reflect the reliability and quality of their products or services. We offer an 8 to 10 year warranty with 100% Green products while our competitors offer no warranty and Isocynanate and solvent based products." DOCAP CEO - Graham E Hayes II Over 98.5% of the seams installed since 2008 with the full Proline system, have gone without ruptures. Some of these turf fields are 50% of way through their 8-year warranty and have required no repairs of any kind, and contain no harsh solvents or Isocynanate.

Seams are at the heart of a quality synthetic turf surface, and requiring a premium system like the Proline Seaming System is a wise investment for owners. Architects can obtain information to add the seaming system and the additional warranty, to their specifications to secure owner's a better investment into the installation of their field. Architects can design a field with a 10 year seam warranty, which protects the owners for two additional yearsbeyond the standard 8 year warranty. What is the value to a field owner of putting off the investment into a new field by one or two years? Contact DOCAP for more details and information on the Proline Seaming System.

About Hellas Construction

Hellas Construction, Inc. (Hellas) Headquartered in Austin, Texas. Hellas is one of the largest sports contractors in the United States. The company specializes in the general construction of sports facilities and synthetic surfaces. Its business model includes turf manufacturing, base construction, field, track & tennis installation and maintenance. Hellas controls all business processes to take its products straight to the end-user including marketing, sales, quality control and project management.

About DOC Adhesive Products

DOC Adhesive Products, LLC., (DOC) Headquartered in Fort Washington, Maryland offering a full line of environmentally friendly construction adhesives, for carpet, flooring, drywall and any other construction or MRO applications. DOCAP specializes in and manufactures all type of synthetic turf installation tools and equipment for building synthetic turf fields. DOCAP offers a repair adhesive for owners to use on their fields and offers free consulting when working with a DOCAP adhesive product. DOCAP also offers turf installation training programs for companies looking to advance their installation crews productivity. DOCAP has more actual job site experience installing and repairing synthetic turf than any adhesive produce provider in the U.S., having installed over 40,000,000 sq. ft. over 25 years.

Source: Hellas Construction

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