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Hempadur Fibre 4760 - a hidden advantage that gives a visible difference

Published on 2006-09-26. Author : SpecialChem

Hempel's Hempadur Fibre 4760 is a new epoxy coating containing synthetic mineral fibres that help to significantly reduce possible cracks in the water ballast tank coating in ships.

Corrosion-free ballast tanks are a significant contributor to the life of any vessel, but the harsh environment to which the coatings are exposed often lead to cracks along edges and in corners, especially if the coating is applied in excessive film thickness.

Hempadur Fibre 4760 has been extensively tested, both in-house and by some of the most highly accredited testing institutes. All relevant test methods for testing crack resistance show significantly better performance than that of conventional epoxy products. Tests used include the Mandrel Bend Test, The NACE TM 0304 Thermal Cycling Resistance Test and impact tests.

Hempadur Fibre 4760 has also been awarded B1 certification from Norske Veritas (DNV). B1 is the best rating a ballast tank coating can obtain and is also recognised by the Norwegian Offshore standard NORSOK M501-revision 5.

Recommended use

Hempadur Fibre 4760 extends the durability of the coating system and at the same time limits the need for maintenance inside the ballast tanks of ships. Hempadur Fibre 4760 is designed to withstand the harsh environments in ballast tanks but can also be specified for most other surfaces on ships.

First with fibre

Hempel is the first manufacturer to apply fibre technology to protective epoxy coatings in ballast tanks. The concept of adding fibres to different materials to increase their flexibility and inner strength is well known. Bullet-proof vests, Formula 1 cars, spacecraft and Hempel's antifoulings are just a few examples of strong fibre-based products.

Source: Hempel

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