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Henkel Loctite offers bulk hot melt transfer equipment

Published on 2003-04-29. Author : SpecialChem


Henkel Loctite now offers a bulk hot melt adhesive-transfer machine for large, flat surfaces where a continuous film of adhesive must be applied. The Loctite Hysol Wheelcoater can be used for the application of most EVA products.

The Hysol Wheelcoater features an adhesive reservoir, three heaters and a transfer roller driven by a variable-speed electric motor. The transfer surface on the roller is knurled to hold a large volume of adhesive, and adjustable blades control the thickness of the adhesive film applied.

The system can apply a band of hot melt adhesive up to 6 inches wide and provides maximum productivity when covering large surfaces. Roller surface speed ranges from 10 to 40 feet per minute.

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