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HERMA’s Self-adhesive Materials Qualify for Creating High-quality Labels

Published on 2018-06-27. Author : SpecialChem

The results of comprehensive tests with HERMA standard self-adhesive materials on the Epson label printers ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G were very good color print quality with outstanding efficiency.

HERMAwhite Self-adhesive

HERMA adhesives Printer
HERMA Self-adhesive material being used in Epson Printers

“Our product HERMAwhite (grade 601) was given very good marks, even though the white, machine-finished label paper is considered an absolute standard. The label material was able to instantly absorb the water-based ink – the print image is excellent thanks to optimal ink adhesion”, comments Timo Kerilahti, who works for the technical service in HERMA’s Self-adhesive Materials Division.

Resistant to Various Chemicals

HERMAinkprint PP (grade 821) is not only seawater-resistant according to BS 5609 but also the HERMA adhesive 63B which is used with it by default is also very resistant, e.g. against various chemicals.

High-quality Color Labels

Nikos Vardakastanis, Product Manager Prographics at Epson, adds: “Our versatile inkjet color label printers put an end to typical restrictions that go along with thermal transfer printing. Combined with HERMA self-adhesive materials, for instance, users can now print high-quality, individual color labels, tickets, and price tags as required and in-house. Moreover, they can decide what labels they need at what time and in which quantity.”

“Storage of pre-printed tickets, delays caused by missing labels, and unnecessarily rejected labels are therefore now a thing of the past. The tests that we recently performed with HERMA materials confirm their high performance with Epson’s inkjet color label printers for these purposes.”

Qualification of HERMA Self-adhesive Materials

Combined with the Epson printers, the HERMA self-adhesive materials are therefore ideally qualified for quickly creating a wide range of high-quality labels, e.g. packaging labels, EU energy labels, or caution labels according to the CLP/GHS directive.

For decades, the company has been one of the world’s innovation drivers in the field of inkjet solutions. This opens up unparalleled choices for label users. Two further HERMA paper materials were also tested on the Epson printers ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G: HERMAinkprint (grade 137) and HERMAinkprint gloss (grade 211). Moreover, the film HERMAinkprint PP (grade 821) also proved ideally suited for use with these industrial color label printing systems.

Source: HERMA
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