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HERMA’s New Label Makes Life Tougher for Product Counterfeiters

Published on 2015-11-30. Author : SpecialChem

In addition to luxury goods and pharmaceutical products, automotive parts are also very popular with counterfeiters. This results in enormous economic losses as well as health risks for end users. With its extremely high final adhesion, the new label adhesive HERMAsuperPerm 63S can help make life more difficult for product counterfeiters.

HERMAsuperPerm 63S
Fig. 1: HERMAsuperPerm 63S: Eliminating
counterfeit automotive parts

Renowned automotive suppliers such as Bosch, Mahle, TRW, and Schaeffler have founded the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP) and developed the TecIdentify system that protects spare parts dealers and car repair shops from counterfeit products.

HERMAsuperPerm 63S is based on a Data Matrix Code that is applied to the packaging or the spare part by means of a label. On top of that, special sealing labels are used for the packaging materials. “In both cases, no one should be able to remove the label without making it obvious that tampering has occurred”, says HERMA managing director Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner. “Of course you can use elaborate and costly special materials such as self-destructing films or holograms for that purpose. But it was our ambition to develop a very economical solution that is easy to process for label printers, can be easily dispensed by the automotive supplier or packaging contractor, yet reliably fulfils the security requirements.”

Attempts at tampering are unsuccessful

The final adhesion of HERMAsuperPerm 63S is so high that code or sealing labels equipped with the adhesive cannot be removed from lacquered pharmaceutical packaging as well as many other polar and non-polar surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, or plastics and steel without destruction of the label or the packaging surface. Highly resistant against water, hot air, and various solvents, the adhesive foils even elaborate attempts at tampering.

Besides, it is extremely ageing-resistant. Since it is dispersion adhesive, adhesive materials can be easily processed in spite of relatively thick adhesive coating. “With this set of processing and functional properties, HERMAsuperPerm 63S is currently probably unique in the market”, says Dr. Baumgärtner. Due to its versatility and suitability for universal use, HERMAsuperPerm 63S is an optimal solution not only for the automotive industry – it is also ideally suited for other tasks where authenticity, security, and inspection seals are required, such as the electronics, pharmaceutical, and food industries.


Located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart (Germany), HERMA GmbH is a leading European specialist in self-adhesive technology. In the 2014 fiscal year, the HERMA Group generated sales of € 282 million with 873 employees in three divisions.

Source: HERMA

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