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Hexion’s New Virtual Showroom Highlights Versatility of Vinyl Ester Monomers

Published on 2021-09-16. Edited By : SpecialChem

Hexion Launches Virtual Showroom to Highlight Versatility of Vinyl Ester Monomers Hexion launches an easy-to-navigate virtual showroom named “VeoVa House: A World of Versatility” to highlight the versatility of its VeoVa™ monomers. The showroom features call-outs to VeoVa™ vinyl ester applications, advantages, datasheets, and other customer resources.

The Monomer Contributes to High-performance Adhesives

VeoVa™ monomers are the vinyl esters of Versatic™ acids and have unique, highly branched aliphatic structures, which contribute to the performance of coatings and adhesives derived from them. VeoVa™ monomers can be used in a variety of emulsions to improve resistance to water, alkali, UV light, and scrubbing, resulting in coatings, adhesives, and other construction materials that are more durable, easier to work with, lower in odor, and with a better appearance.

The pandemic has driven the company to accelerate what it can offer and accomplish in the digital space. VeoVa House was created to highlight the advantages of Hexion’s products across a range of construction applications,” said David Vanaken, global technical and marketing director.

VeoVa™ vinyl esters are used in exterior and interior paints, wood coatings and adhesives, roof coatings, concrete admixtures, waterproofing films, and sealants.

Source: Hexion
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